My purpose: To help your child win.

I have learned what parents do to assure their children succeed in education and in life. I now offer these lessons to any parent willing to work hard and to work strategically for their child.

All of my services are free and none of the guidance I give will be easy. But I promise it will be worth it!
— Matt Barnes

To educate your child, you need Hope and a Plan.


Hope in the future drives a parent to push through barriers and setbacks. It keeps willing to ask for help and to keep from getting discouraged. Parents need to believe that their children can make it… because they can! I help parents become more Hopeful about their child’s future by showing them what worked for other families in similar situations. — Jeremiah 29:11


Eighty percent of a child’s academic and life success is because of the parent’s behavior. I help parents think like a “Head Coach” so that they can develop a winning plan for their kids. Because each family is different, each plan looks different, but there are principles that apply to all of us. — Hebrews 12:11

Every Parent Has Two Choices:  


Choice #1

Take Ownership of your Child's Future

  1. Develop a plan for your child's education.

  2. Recruit friends and family to play specific roles.

  3. Use non-school time to accelerate your child's learning.

  4. Help other parents do the same.

Choice #2

Let the school own your child's future

If this is your chosen path, you are like most families in America. Unfortunately, schools are not built to direct your child’s path.

If you chose this path, your child will likely:

  1. Develop large academic deficits. 

  2. Drift into academic failure and diminished job prospects. 

This is the unfortunate path of most kids in America.