My purpose: To help your child win in education.

I have learned what parents do to assure their children succeed in education. I now offer these lessons to any parent willing to work hard and to work strategically for their child.

None of the guidance we give will be easy. But I promise it will be worth it!
— Matt Barnes

Every Parent Has Two Choices:  


Choice #1

Take Ownership of your Child's education

Take Ownership of Your Child's Education and prepare to work incredibly hard over the next several years on behalf of your child. Become your child's "Educational Head Coach" and learn how to: 

  1. Develop a plan for your child's education.

  2. Recruit friends and family to play specific roles in the life of your child.

  3. Use technology to dramatically accelerate your child's learning.

  4. Help other parents do the same.

Choice #2

Let the school lead your child's education

If this is your chosen path, you are like most families in America. Most rely completely on the school to drive academic performance in their children. Unfortunately, schools can't do it alone.

If you chose this path, your child will likely grow up with large academic deficits. Your child will join the millions of other children who slowly drift into academic failure and diminished job prospects. Only when your child enters middle school or high school will you realize that your child is off track. But by then it will be too late for them to catch up. This is the unfortunate path of most kids in America. 


Getting your child to college is not easy. You need Hope and a Plan.


I’ve studied the parents of college-going students and most have three simple things in common.



Hopeful parents produce higher performing students. Hope drives a parent to act. Hope inspires a parent to ask for help — and to help themselves to available opportunities. I want to help you become more Hopeful about your child’s academic future. I've studied how other parents help their child live up to their God-given potential... now I want to share those lessons with you. — Jeremiah 29:11


The parents of successful students share what I call the “Head Coach Mindset.” Like a head coach of a sports club, these parents believe that academic success is most influenced by parental behavior. As a result, they end up playing a much more central role in their child’s academics.


If a parent is Hopeful and prepared to think like a Head Coach, then the next step is to develop a Plan. Each plan looks different depending on the parent’s situation, but there are principles that apply to all. One principle that applies to every Plan is for parents to work with their child’s teacher to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses. Then the parent develops what I call the “185-Plan” to make sure the child is practicing their strengths and weaknesses regularly. Yes your child won’t want to practice — but, like any successful head coach, it will be your job to insist. — Hebrews 12:11