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Previously scheduled webinars:


The NEW role parents must play in education

  • Our society has changed... and it has affected education. What should today's parents do to make sure their children are prepared for an uncertain future? Learn how today's new educational realities require parents to operate differently to assure children with Character, College and Career options in their future. 

Developing students with Self-Control

  • Proverbs 25:28 says it best: "Like a city that is broken into and without walls Is a man who has no control over his spirit."

  • One of the primary character qualities every person must learn is self-control. No student can be successful without it and the sooner it is learned the better for everyone. In our "Just Do It" culture, self-control is not regularly practiced or reinforced... but it CAN be taught! This webinar will discuss how. 

The Secret Lives of Successful Students (and Parents)

  • Informed parents operate VERY differently than most.
  • Learn what my research into the  the educated and informed parents do that most parents never consider.

Developing Lovers of Literature (Yes, even boys!)

  • Time to get serious parents. Reading is the second most important skill your child can learn to improve their future! 
  • This webinar is for ALL parents who have said: "My son hates to read!" or "My child never reads." or "She is not a good reader." or "I don't know how to get my child to read more."
  • Bring your questions and get ready to build a Lover of Literature!

"Catch-Up" Math

  • For the last three summers, we have helped dozens of parents, grandparents, and friends learn how to use the summer months to get kids caught up in math.
  • If your child is not strong in math, here's your chance to get them caught up!

"Leap-Frog Summer"

  • This is your chance! While most students waste time in the summer, you can help your child "leap-frog" their peers!
  • This webinar will give you specific steps and goals for your child this summer. DO NOT MISS THIS!

Additional Workshop Topics:

  • How Grandparents can Help -- The Secret Weapon!
  • My Kid is Addicted to Technology! Online tools and strategies (Part 1).
  • Help! My child won't do their homework! Creating a home of loving-discipline.
  • Developing Partners in Student Learning: Teachers, Pastors, Family, and Friends.