Matt has served as a Trustee at:

  • Truman University

  • College of Biblical Studies (Houston, Indianapolis, & Fort Wayne)

  • HISD’s Innovative Energy Institute High School Board

  • Trinity Classical School

  • BakerRipley Promise School System

  • Yellowstone College Prep Charter School

  • BakerRipley Head Start/Early Start System

  • University of Houston National Leadership Alliance

  • Families Empowered (Executive Director)

  • Matt also is an Associate at Rice University (McMurtry College)

For 8 years, Matt has also coached hundreds of families on how to improve their child’s academic future. Detailed professional history: Here


I believe: 

  1. Educational success is 80% parental behavior and 20% head knowledge

  2. Every parent wants the best for their child (but most don't know how to help)

  3. Reading is the key to educational success